USA R&D Center

    ØBiostimulant: research and develop new types of biostimulants, promote existing product.
    ØMicrobial Fertilizer: establish small fermentation plant, develop microbial fertilizers or inoculants with nutrient improvement function.
    ØBio-control product: import and develop bio-control products, apply with existing product.
    ØSoil amendment:  improve soil conditions, such as structure, granular, and water retention  ability, even salinization, alkalization, acidification, etc.
    ØLiquid fertilizers: develop high quality liquid fertilizers.

    Israel R&D Center

    ØFertigation systematic solutions: learn and import the advanced technology including irrigation equipment, fertilization system and crop management program.
    ØImport agricultural product preservation technology: cooperate with university to investigate and learn the advanced preservation technology.
    ØImport advanced agricultural machinery: investigate and learn the local advanced farm machinery, put forward import suggestion.
    ØDevelop precision agriculture management model: management technique, fertilization method, etc.

    Europe R&D Center

    ØStabilized fertilizer:  nitrification inhibitor, urease inhibitor and other types stabilized adjuvant.
    ØControlled release fertilizer: research new coating material and develop related application technique.
    ØBiostimulant: develop application of humic acid, amino acid, chitosan and other new biostimulants, enhance nutrient availability.
    ØSpecialty fertilizer: develop synergist that can promote availability of macronutrient and micronutrient.

    Japan R&D Center

    ØPrecision agriculture: research intelligent greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation planting technology.
    ØOrganic agriculture: research biological compost technology, develop biological protection product.
    ØHigh quality agriculture: research advanced fruit preservation and soil amendment technology